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We are a company that offers a big selection of wood flooring solutions. Our professionals with many years of experience in the wood flooring field, know every small detail about all the types of wood we use. We promise that your new wood floor will stand the test of time, as long as it is taken care of.

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Wood flooring in Merton SW We offer over 4000 type of floorings. When you book a free consultation with us, we have a flooring expert visit you at home. He will then measure the rooms and show you, to your specifications, the right flooring solution for your home. We even do this service completely free, with no obligation to buy. When you have seen the samples of wood flooring Merton in the comfort of your own home, our expert will then give you a tailored quote containing everything from: the underlay, moving of furniture to the supply and the installation. Everything is included in one final price of the service we provide, with a guarantee on your new floor for 5 years.

Engineered Wooden Floors

The advantage of engineered wood floor is that it takes a lot less time to be installed. For all these people who cannot wait to enjoy the convenience of their new home, probably this is the best choice. It is stylish, it fits every budget and you can choose from a large variety of colours and types.

We Also Provide Installation Only in Merton

In case you need help only with the installation of a wooden flooring in Merton, we also offer is as a service. You will be able to find more information about this on our Installation Only service page, and when you wish to book an appointment selected as a service option.

Solid Wood Floor

Solid wood floors are known for being a type of wooden floor that will last the trial of time and is actually quite unique. This is one of the types of wood flooring Merton seems to prefer the most, but for those of you who would like to have it should be aware that it usually takes several days before the floor adjusts to a new climate.

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To book one of our flooring services you need to fill out our online booking form on our Get a Quote Page page. We will then give you a callback whenever you prefer, to schedule a consultation with a wood flooring expert in Merton. We at Wood Flloring Please are very confident that we can offer you the best wood flooring Merton have available.

Huish, Devon nearby Merton

Huish, in mid-Devon, is a small hamlet, parish and former manor situated approximately 1 mile south-east of Merton, 5 miles and a half from Hatherleigh, and about seven from Torrington. It was a member of the historic hundred of Shebbear and was in the deanery of Torrington. The small village of Newbridge is in this parish.Quoted from: 'Parishes: Hockworthy - Huxham', Magna Britannia: volume 6: Devonshire (1822), pp...

Wood Flooring Merton
Wood Flooring in Merton SW

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