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Flooring trends are taking a page from music’s playbook with an emerging revival of vinyl. Vinyl is extremely popular among interior decorators, especially in today’s economy.

Vinyl is well-known for its resistance and affordability, but technological breakthroughs in production have been driving flooring trends for years.

The classic checkerboard style made vinyl a staple in the decorating world, but many of today’s vinyl floor coverings act as durable, water-resistant versions of tile, stone, wood or marble. Its surface has a “cushy” feel that gives comfortably under feet.

Great for kitchens, washrooms, foyers, entertainment areas, studios and more, vinyl flooring solutions are perfect for a homeowner with a limited budget or retro aesthetic. Wood Flooring Please maintains a wide selection of vinyl trends and vinyl flooring installation expertise.

Vinyl is probably one of the most versatile floors you can use in your home. Main advantages of this type of floor covering are that is easy to clean, practical and stylish. All floors are modern and realistic, they fit every interior and budget. Popularity of vinyl floor among our customers is based on its super design, practicality and ease of maintenance. Vinyl flooring brings beautiful and natural looking effects to every room. They are ideal for domestic, demanding environments such as bathrooms and kitchens but can be also used in commercial areas. Getting the perfect flooring for your room is closer than you imagine.

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