Laminate Flooring: Stress Relief That Shines!

Laminate flooring was born in Sweden in the late 1970s and has been transforming homes ever since. Laminates offer a low-maintenance, “floating” alternative to natural flooring materials.

Laminate floor constructions are notoriously easy to clean. They consist of plastic or resin layers set over a printed pattern or photograph, usually imitating wood or stone. Occasionally natural or recycled materials are substituted or combined with synthetics.

In the flooring installation process that layered construction is mounted on laminate planks as a “floating floor” with padded underlay. The result looks much like a wood floor – minus the waxing, oiling, staining and constant maintenance.

Contact Wood Flooring Please for a free estimate. One of our consultants will bring flooring samples right to your home and help you choose the perfect laminate for your room.

Laminate Floor Quality Indicators

  • UV coating: Prevents fading and ensures that your new floor will last for many years.
  • Screens: Photographs emulating the pattern and texture of natural materials. The more screens, the more realistic laminates appear, as they will contain more variations in colour and pattern.

Laminate floor provides elegant and stylish look at affordable prices. This type of floor is also known for its durability. Whether you have kids or pets, with laminate flooring, you have nothing to worry about. We at Wood Flooring Please sell products that are made to stand up to high traffic and test of time. Laminate floor can be installed in every room you prefer, without the paying the high cost of most of the other types of floor coverings. Other advantages of laminate floors are the easy maintaining and cleaning, they are very durable and sunlight fade. Schedule an appointment with our experts to find out which laminate floor is the perfect solution for your home.

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